Make ISP shield for Arduino

I need to program with AVR C and I don’t have programmer but  I have spare arduino, I found this article at arduino web site. I think is great, and I don’t have to buy a special programmer.

I found it was hard to use jumper cable so I make a simple shield and I intend to make it small so it’s not a full shield.

Shield board

I want it can supply 3.3 and 5 V so I make two switch and use some diode to guarantee the current flow.

Work with my eclipse, you just need choose avrsip and adjust the parameter for port and baudrate, I get it from sparkfun tutorial

I licensed it as OSHW, You can get it at my github


Finding electronics parts on local market in Indonesia

You know it’s not appropriate to search your parts for electronics project like what would you do when you buy food from market. You always find that the local market is not sufficient and many parts are scarce. So I would say to buy on electronic store on internet.

One thing I like from buying from local market is you can touch and actually see the size. There are many e-store included photos but rarely gize you the actual size. Another thing you hand carry it, no waiting time.

Well I like to challenge myself. How if I can build my electronics based on local market stock. The answer it’s not a beautiful experience, it’s like roller coaster ride. And you will find yourself dumb cause you always can open your laptop and smartphone to purchase via e-store.

Indonesian electronics e-store : digi-ware